Comprehensive Video and Audio Forensics


Comprehensive Video and Audio Forensics

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VideoFOCUS is a family of digital multimedia analysis and clarification software tools for audio, video, and images, providing an efficient, seamless workflow for both novice and experienced forensic video analysts and audio experts. VideoFOCUS Pro, our flagship product, provides extensive audio, video, and image analysis and processing capabilities, including:

  • Direct import of more than 200 standard multimedia and numerous proprietary CCTV file formats;
  • Uncompressed screen and audio capture, including:
    • Digital screen and sound capture from any application running on the same computer;
    • Optional analog video/audio capture through low-cost external hardware;
  • Frame-by-frame video review and still image extraction capabilities;
  • Adjustment of spatial, temporal, and audio properties, including:
    • Deinterlace, speed adjust, aspect correct, zoom, pan, rotate, and crop;
    • Audio channel selection, sync adjustment, mix, and gain;
  • Extensive video processing functions, including:
    • Synchronization of multiple videos to a common time base to review and process as a group;
    • Patented Super-resolution filter, which combines the pixel information across multiple video frames to extract a single, higher-quality still image;
    • Stabilize filter for video, to reduce the effects of camera motion and shaking;
    • Demultiplex filter, to automatically separate an unlimited number of cameras and scenes into separate videos;
    • Sharpen, Histogram Equalize, Levels Adjust, and Grayscale filters to improve clarity and viewability;
    • Blur filter for video and images, enabling selective redaction of details with motion tracked;
  • Extensive audio processing functions, including:
  • Intuitive player-based cut, copy, and paste editing with titling capabilities to let the user quickly assemble end-product movie and/or audio files for dissemination and presentation, and;
  • Export of images, audio, and video to multiple standard file formats.

For customers not requiring the complete capabilities of VideoFOCUS Pro, we additionally offer the intermediate VFSource product.

Please view the comparison table elsewhere on this page for a summary of the differences between the two VideoFOCUS products.

  • Input
    • Direct Import for All Standard Multimedia File Formats
    • Direct Import Support for Dozens of Proprietary CCTV File Formats
    • Best-Effort Direct Import of Video from Other Proprietary CCTV File Formats
    • Digital Video and Audio Screen Capture From Third-Party Video Players
    • Analog Video Capture
    • Still Image Import
  • Synchronize
    • Combine Separate Movies to a Common Time Base and Play, Review, and Process as a Group
  • Export
    • Export Movies in a Wide Variety of File Types and Video and Audio Codecs
    • Strip and Export Audio Only
    • Export Still Images in a Wide Variety of File Types
  • Still Image Processing
    • Zoom, Crop, Adjust Aspect Ratio
    • Image Levels Adjustment Filter (Lightness, Darkness, Contrast)
    • Image Filters (Levels, Histogram, Sharpen, Blur)
    • Super-Resolution Filter (extracts higher-resolution still image from a sequence of frames in the video; optionally provides frame averaging functionality if motion tracking is disabled)
  • Video Processing
    • Zoom, Crop, Adjust Aspect Ratio, Adjust Speed
    • Deinterlace
    • Cut sections from one movie into a new movie
    • Video Filters (Levels, Histogram, Sharpen, Blur)
    • Video Stabilization
  • Audio Processing
    • Basic Channel Selection, Mix, and Synchronization functions
    • Built-in QuickEnhance Plug-In (simplified tool providing reduction of typical background noises such as AC power hum, motor and fan sounds, static, and hiss; also provides basic EQ and dynamic gain functions)
    • Built-in CARDINAL MiniLab Suite (comprehensive suite of 10 plug-ins providing numerous audio filters that can be placed in any desired arrangement; includes numerous factory preset combinations to improve voice intelligibility where complex noise and acoustical issues exist in the audio track)
  • Projects and Archives
    • Organize Movies, Audio, and Stills into Projects
    • One-Button Archive of Projects
    • Restore Archived Projects
  • Demultiplex
    • Manual Demultiplex
    • Auto Demultiplex
  • Robust Video Editing (Cut/Copy/Paste)
    • Edit sections from multiple movies
    • Add still images into movies
    • Preserve audio while editing
    • Add Titles to Movies
  • Audit Trails
    • Comprehensive Audit Trails on Movies and Audio
    • Comprehensive Audit Trails on Still Images
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OS VFSource VFPro
Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)