• Video Forensics Made Easy

    Import your CCTV and other footage into VideoFOCUS Pro and quickly reveal the truth.
  • Audio Forensics Made Easy

    Use CARDINAL MiniLab Suite in your favorite audio editor to make voices more clear.
  • DAC + Salient Stills

    Formed from two respected companies, Salient Sciences provides multimedia forensics tools and training to agencies worldwide.
  • Hear It NOW

    Put AUDIOPHILE "at the edge" to clarify your live audio surveillance before transmitting or recording it.
  • Loud TV or Music?

    If a loud sounds are interfering with your audio surveillance, and you have "reference" signals, cancel them in real-time with MicroDAC 6.
  • Extract clear speech from recorded audio

  • Clarify footage from CCTV, mobile phone, and multimedia sources