Need to clarify the audio tracks in your video file? VideoFOCUS Pro Version 5.1 provides cutting edge video AND audio processing at 64-bit performance.

Maintenance, software updates, tech support & the simplest,
fastest solution available for one low monthly price.

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November 2013 - Salient Stills was acquired in July 2013 by Digital Audio Corporation (DAC), a leading audio forensics company since 1979. The combined company now trades under the Salient Sciences name, and offers the most comprehensive and innovative audio and video forensics solutions to law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide. MORE

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VideoFOCUS 5.1 - Now 64-bit Performance with Proprietary DVR Format Support!
Starting with the 5.1 release, all VideoFOCUS products are exclusively 64-bit, providing the needed memory performance for handling HD video and stacked filtering operations, and incorporate direct import support for many proprietary DVR file formats. There is also now a third VideoFOCUS product, called VFCapture, which is a baseline video import, screen capture, review, and export tool with none of the filtering capabilities of the other products. Please go to the VideoFOCUS Products page for further details.

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Simplicity. Ease. Adaptability. Flexibility. VFPro and VFSource are among the most innovative and effective multimedia software tools available, and enable law enforcement and intelligence agencies the ability to review and clarify video, image, and audio evidence more quickly and easily than any product on the market today.

“And while technology might never fully save us from an attack like the one we witnessed this week at the Boston Marathon, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. In a tech city as rich as Boston, there are plenty of people going about that very serious business...”
April 17, 2013