Salient Points - February 2014

Join us at NATIA in Charlotte, NC

On 21-23 July 2015, Salient Sciences is exhibiting at NATIA's 30th Annual Training Conference & Technology Exhibition in Charlotte, NC. If you are attending the conference, please come by and see us at the Salient Sciences / Digital Audio Corporation Booth #597. Please see the official NATIA website for official membership and other information. We hope to see you here!

Join us at LEVA 2015

On 2-3 November 2015, Salient Sciences will be exhibiting and training at the 2015 LEVA Digital Multimedia Evidence Training Symposium in Clearwater Beach, FL. If you are attending the conference, please come by and see us at the Salient Sciences Booth. Please see the official LEVA website for official membership and other information. We look forward to seeing you there!

DAC School Forensic Audio/Video Training

Don't miss your chance to attend the upcoming DAC School Forensic Audio/Video Training Session on 21-25 September 2015 at the Courtyard Myrtle Beach Broadway, 21st Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Based on the latest CARDINAL MiniLab Advanced Suite and VideoFOCUS Pro, this five-day intensive training course provides practical instruction on forensic voice clarification and noise reduction processing for both audio-only and audio-with-video recordings. On the final day of the class, a practical test is given to each student with a certificate provided. Attendance for this class is restricted to law enforcement and governmental personnel ONLY. Tuition price is USD$900.00 (does not include transportation, lodging, or meals).
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NATIA Product Bulletin

If you are attending this year's NATIA conference in Charlotte, NC, please stop by the Salient Sciences / Digital Audio Corporation Booth #597 to see the following products:

VideoFOCUS Pro 5.0, the latest version of our video clarification software, now providing greatly-expanded audio clarification capabilities with the complete CARDINAL MiniLab Advanced Suite and QuickEnhance Plug-In both fully incorporated. Additional improvements include the new "dark" user interface, which is more suitable for use in the typical forensic video laboratory where lighting is reduced; improved synchronization of Input/Output players on all filter windows, enabling them to be explicitly locked together during scrubbing, panning, and zooming to better compare before and after; and the new "snapshot" feature, enabling easy capture of still images exactly as viewed on the screen. Please view the VFPro datasheet for further details. All VFPro users who were current on maintenance as of 1 May 2015 or who purchased the software thereafter, or who have a current subscription, are fully entitled to this update. Latest software versions for VFPro and VFSource can be downloaded at:

VideoFOCUS Downloads

When prompted, provide Username=videofocususer, Password=VFProducts. Upon installation, a valid installation ID issued by Salient Sciences must already be present or be provided for the software to operate.

CamDAC Tactical Audio Clarification Processor, our new web-based device providing dual-channel, real-time audio clarification and analytics processing alongside other sharp-end devices such as IP cameras and audio receivers to reduce typical background noises prior to their transmission via IP or other means. Unique to CamDAC, a special VAD algorithm can be used to detect voices in the audio signal and use that as a trigger for the downstream audio collection or video management system, either by "C" tone audio signaling or "region of interest" video analytics. Please view the CamDAC datasheet for further details.

Easy-Q Fieldkit, an ideal accessory for playback of evidentiary recordings as they are made in the field. The rugged peli-case with shock-mounted construction, low-noise amplifier, and two sets of high-quality Bayerdynamic headphones provides a professional-grade USB audio interface that can be connected with the supplied cable to any Windows or Mac computer to get high-quality, low-latency audio playback from any installed audio/video software. Unique to Easy-Q is its special touch-screen parametric equalizer, which provides an intuitive user interface, both to boost specific frequencies associated with male/female talkers to hear them more clearly and to attentuate specific frequencies where noises may be present. Please view the Easy-Q datasheet for further details.

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