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Like with law enforcement, video is becoming a major source of information within the military and intelligence fields. Usually this video data needs to be used and analyzed in a constrained and time critical situation. But often the data is compromised for different reasons either at the camera, during transmission or in storage.

Why we are different

We research and address many of the different problems that may occur with video. We have the breadth of knowledge and experience working with all types of data in many kinds of constrained domain and deployment situations. This gives us an arsenal of tools at your disposal from our off the shelf product VideoFOCUS , to custom integration solutions where we take our best algorithms and combine them with your environment or with third-party tools to create a solution for your unique needs. We also are often involved in new and novel research and development programs trying to find solutions for the some of the most vexing video problems out there.

How did we get so good?

Our expertise is deep; we have a number of PhDs on staff. We have created a number of systems for government agencies, including those used for law enforcement, those used at sea, and those used deep within the IC community. Our flexibility to do research while also building solid commercial software allows us to create a truly unique and comprehensive solution for our customers.