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VFPro has developed through constant interaction with law enforcement, answering the challenges they face every day.

With the introduction of VFPro, Salient Sciences was able to not only offer the easiest, fastest solution in the market today, but a second, sometimes easier pricing option to direct purchase.

Subscription Pricing

  • One monthly, flat fee per concurrent active user
  • No additional support costs
  • Version updates at no charge
  • Timely updates
  • Can be used across locations

Direct Purchase of Software and Maintenance

  • Purchase the software in a variety of configurations
  • Optional yearly maintenance and support contract

With either purchasing option, customers are ensured of the same innovative product development, personal support, and high standards provided by Salient Sciences every day.

To find out more about direct purchase or subscription pricing, contact sales@salientsciences.com or call 919.572.6767.

* Subscription pricing currently available in the USA and Canada only, payable monthly, quarterly or yearly