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Introducing VFSource




VFSource — the technology custom-engineered for faster, more agile video ingestion, screen capture and output for a major law enforcement agency — is now available to you. Built as a standalone screen capture, import and conversion application whose output can work with any video analysis systems, VFSource streamlines your analysis process.

Use it as a prep station, as a standalone, or as a mobile unit
Like VideoFocus Pro, there's no easier, more intuitive solution of its kind. And, like VFPro, it does what it what it does with extraordinary image quality and speed – and then it does more.

So, what makes it so good?

Better Screen Capture and Import Application
VFSource goes screen capture one better by allowing captures from those renegade DVR players that take over the whole screen and others that result in pure black movies when captured with other tools. And it allows the user to continue to work while it captures the video – even if the original digital source movie is moved around the screen. VFSource ingests your video – digitizing analog video, screen captures video and audio from proprietary digital files and imports non-proprietary digital files. Does your screen capture tool work like that?

Digital Video File Editing and Export
Captured movies can be trimmed, cropped and edited to the most important information. Then users can convert video to a usable form (codec and file type) appropriate for either analysis or sharing.

Grab a frame, process and export
While in the field, after you capture a source movie, you can easily pull stills, do simple processing on them and save them out.

Look and Feel— as intuitive and easy to understand as the VFPro it was built to mirror.

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