Real-time forensic audio processor

Fully integrating the capabilities of both hardware and software, CARDINAL seamlessly handles forensic analysis and processing of all analog and digital media, including file-based digital media. CARDINAL represents productivity enhancement through an integrated audio workstation environment capable of blending the merits of superb audio filtering with comprehensive speech and signal processing.

The CARDINAL is available in two versions: Tech Agent and Forensic Examiner.


The CARDINAL Tech Agent provides the most typically needed signal processing and audio input/output capabilities, and is recommended for most practical audio clarification applications. Though typically rack-mounted in a fixed installation, the compact hardware, when combined with a good laptop computer, can also provide a complete, portable audio laboratory.
Tech Agent

CARDINAL Forensic Examiner

The CARDINAL Forensic Examiner provides maximum signal processing and audio input/output capacity for the AudioLab software environment, and is recommended for use in advanced forensic audio laboratories where multiple types of analog and digital audio source material may need to be handled on a daily basis.

Cardinal Front

Key Benefits:

  • Intuitive design
  • Seamless integration
  • Powerful digital filters
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Virtual patching capability
  • Maximum flexibility
  • File & tape media handling

Best Uses:

  • Forensic audio labs
  • Multiple reference cancellation
  • Real time noise reduction
  • High profile casework

Ideal Users:

  • Forensic audio examiners
  • Technical investigators
  • Intelligence and CI operators
  • IG offices
  • Prosecutors
  • Accredited lab facilities
Cardinal Fullscreen

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